American Terrorism form 1940 till 2003 and counting!




For the sake of keeping this out of the realm of the ridiculous, I’m excluding everyone that died as part of legitimate peacekeeping missions and actual Americans. This is like a really rough look at how many NON-AMERICANS we’ve killed (i.e. not on our side at the time) since the 30s via military and economic intervention, rounded generally down to the nearest thousand (things with <1000 deaths like Grenada bombings not included) or so on conservative or moderate estimates since the dropping of the bombs in Japan. Hold on, this is going to get ugly. 

1940s – nuked Japan.
Death toll: 145,000 to date in Nagasaki, 250,000 in Hiroshima

1947-49 – U.S. helps command extreme-right Greece party in Civil War.
Death toll: about 70,000 contributed by US-backed forces

1948-54 – CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion in Philippines.
Death toll: about 11,000

1950 – Independence movement crushed in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Death toll: conservative historians estimated about 8,000 peasants

1950-53 – Korean War
Death toll: about 1,776,000

1952 – CIA overthrows Democracy in Iran, installs Shah
Death toll: about 20,000

1954 – CIA directs invasion of Guatemala after new Democracy there nationalized U.S.-occupied lands
Death toll: about 140,000 missing and dead

1958 – In Lebanon, marine occupation against rebels
Death toll: about 2,000

1960-75+ – Vietnam War including Cambodia and Laos
Death toll: about 4,502,000 including civilians and resulting famines (conservative estimates)

1961 – Cuba’s Bay of Pigs Invasion fails
Death toll: about 4,000

1963 – In Iraq, CIA organizes coup against President and agrees to back formerly exiled Saddam
Death toll: about 7,000 including civilians

1964 – In Panama, troops kill protesters against US-owned canal
Death toll: about 1,000

1965 – CIA assists Indonesian coup
Death toll: about 900,000

1966 – Troops and bombers threaten pro-communist parties in Dominican Republic
Death toll: about 3,000

1966-96 – Green berets in Guatemala against rebels, US backs pro-American forces in country until 1996
Death toll: about 200,000

1970 – Directs marine invasion of Oman
Death toll: about 2,000

1973 – CIA directs coup to oust elected Marxist president in Chile
Death toll: 30,000… 3,000 later disappeared under US-installed dictator

1976-92 – CIA assists South-African rebels in Angola
Death toll: median estimate at 550,000

1981-90 – CIA directs Contra invasions in Nicaragua
Death toll: median estimate at 30,000

1982-84 – Marines expel Lebanese rebels, aided by Israel
Death toll: 40,000

1987-88 – US intervenes for Iraq against Iran
Death toll: about 150,000 during time-frame, 100,000 during Desert Storm, 350,000 from resulting famine

1989 – US invades to oust CIA-installed Panamanian government gone rouge
Death toll: 2,000

1992-94 – US-led occupation of Somalia during civil war
Death toll: 50,000 in combat, 300,000 by starvation

2001+ – US Occupies Afghanistan
Death toll: 120,000 including civilians and combatants and resulting Opium Wars

2003+ – Iraqi War
Death toll: 665,000 also by starvation, displacement

TOTAL: 10,431,000

And that doesn’t even include POWs, classified information, and WW2 pre-nuke!


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